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SNIEZNIK is an advanced practicing–training system for simulation of small arms shooting designed and produced by Autocomp Management Ltd. and Military Institute of Armament Technology (Wojskowy Instytut Techniczny Uzbrojenia) for Ministry of National Defence Republic of Poland (Ministerstwo Obrony Narodowej). During 13th International Defence Industry Exhibition in Kielce SNIEZNIK won the GRAND PIRX and DEFENDER awards.
SNIEZNIK is a stationary device designed to teach, monitor and evaluate the targeting of small arms and prepare soldiers for:
  • firing the live ammunition at open ranges for combat targets and silhouettes,
  • detection, classification and engagement of real targets at different terrain, weather and parts of day,
  • the team work as a squad during the mission by using different types of arms,
  • suitable reactions in untypical scenarios.
Placed in any room the training set consists of:
  • the projection system that generates realistic 3D imaging of the battlefield (such as combat shooting range) in high-resolution,
  • system that tracks weapons aiming points,
  • sound system which delivers realistic mapping of acoustic surroundings,
  • operator station with which the training is conducted and controlled,
  • central processing unit based on PC computers equipped with specialist software realizing individual system functions,
  • units of smart weapon equipped with radio communication modules, injection laser diodes and pneumatic reloading system.
In order to ensure maximal convenience most of the system elements are built in one cabinet. The only elements situated beside the cabinet are these which spatial arrangement is crucial for functioning of the system (projectors, cameras, speakers). This solution has minimized the amount of space taken up by information subsystem and the number of cables on a training position.
SNIEZNIK is entirely controllable from operators station. Here is an application installed that enables configuration of the system, creating, modifying and starting up the training as well as controlling system' work.
Software provides the ability to split screen on any number of independent sections. Each section, used for individual training of a single shooter, has independently assigned and executed exercise, making it possible to simultaneously train many soldiers using any available weapon types (in terms very similar to shooting range). Also possible is the simultaneous training of many soldiers (working within a group) based on a single imaging (filling the whole screen) with more complex tactical situations simulating real situations of a battlefield. Thanks to the extensible mechanisms controlling the course of the exercise it is possible to construct any (including nonlinear) variants of action development.
To create more complex configurations of training positions is just simply to do a multiplication of a visualization system (computer, projector, camera) and turn it to the network and set the appropriate parameters. These systems extend imaging created so you can get a panoramic view of a greater complexity or increase the available number of individual shooting positions.
The system is based on PC hardware platform that provides computing power fully sufficient to carry out the required tasks. Due to the modular construction from the standard components available on the market, it is also easy to maintain and modernize the system.
The computer system is a set of cooperating applications containing implementations of all modules running on Microsoft's OS Windows, and a set of auxiliary data files and libraries. Software of the SNIEZNIK system consists of several modules implementing the overall functionality of the selected items. Each module is running in an appropriate network node, where it implements the designated task. Due to the identical functionality of the visualization systems the modules that are working within them are also identical and are activated with a different set of initial parameters.
The system on a regular basis creates the appropriate ballistic curves and analyze their location on a three-dimensional scene. It is based on a type of weapon used, working parameters which are transmitted through it and recorded position of its laser pointer on the screen. This process is properly (pursuant to the velocity of the projectile) extended in time so that the physics of the shot is reflected very carefully (including advance aiming to the distant moving targets).
Shooting results are stored in a database where they can be recalled at any time for analysis using the built-in system tools.
Despite the fact that SNIEZNIK is a very advanced system itself, it is also a component of the complex system for simulation of battlefield - SPARTAN.