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observation post simulator

Observation post simulator is a device that allows to conduct battlefield observation.  Also, this device can be linked with other SNIEZNIK devices durring excercises.

Training situations are created on the basis of three-dimensional, computer generated model of terrain with an area of several square kilometers, where the moving targets and other objects are arranged.

The operator creates scenarios accordingly to training necessities, using database with three-dimensional objects and set of software tools. The three-dimensional objects base consists of such elements as: military and civilian vehicles, military helicopters, soldiers, civilians and animals, ruins of buildings, columns, chimneys, trees and battlefield effects like fire, smoke, explosions, flares, specific sounds, etc.

The trainee conducts battlefield observation by using binocular's simulator. Computer generated image is displayed at the screeen and on the display that is built into binocular's simulator. By joining this device with other SNIEZNIK units, is it possible that observer will see actions of other trainees that train on other devices.

standard view, daylight:


night vision: