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SNIPER is a device dedicated to conduct simulated fire on the sniper fire position.

Training situations are created on the basis of three-dimensional, computer model of terrain with an area of several square kilometers, where the moving targets and other objects are arranged. Flat imaging of the model is emitted by video projectors and displayed on the widescreen.

The operator creates situations accordingly to training necessities, using three-dimensional objects base and set of software tools. The three-dimensional objects base consists of such elements as: military and civilian vehicles, military helicopters, soldiers, civilians and animals, ruins of buildings, columns, chimneys, trees and battlefield effects like fire, smoke, explosions, flares, specific sounds, etc.

The trainee conducts simulated fire with training weapon, designed on the basis of actual combat weapon - 7.62 mm TRG-22 sniper rifle, equipped with laser modules and pneumatic reload systems. Rifle simulator cooperates with Smith&Bender 3-12x50 PMII/LP optical sight.

Simulated fire is carried out on the basis of virtual missiles moving along the ballistic curves, accordant to actual, designated in the space of three-dimensional terrain model. Missiles ballistic is the same as for the actual types of weapon and ammunition. It considers environmental factors, effect of the crosswinds, altitude of the target, types of propellant, fuse settings etc.