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GOWOREK simulator

The device is designed as cinema-shooting range. It allows for simulated mortar shootings from arranged fire position. It also contains elements of extended observation post simulator. It enables current fire correction by an observer.

Simulated shootings are based on the shooting tables in compliance with ammunition type, sight positioning, charge used and weather conditions. Fired virtual missiles move along actual ballistic curves. The training is carried out on the basis of three-dimensional computer terrain model projected on the screen in the form of a flat image. The trainee moves and fires within an area of 25 square kilometers. The virtual training space is characterized by high quality imaging of the surroundings and specific events of the battlefield. Training can be accomplished during the day and at night, in different terrain and weather conditions. Mortar operator performs tasks firing from covered fire positions and at observed targets. SNIEZNIK MINI allows gradation of tasks difficulty accordingly to basic training goals.