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HUMVEE simulator

HUMVEE simulator is an additional unit for SNIEZNIK system that allows shootings simulation carried out from a turret located in the car's roof, without using any real ammunition. This training unit is build using a HMMWV body that is placed on 6DOF platform, what allows to create gunner, driver and commander positions in exact places in which they are in real vehicle. Deck gunner position that is located on the roof, creates many possibilities for teaching system for gunners.

Main learning areas:
- how to shoot,
- control of shooting,
- quality of gunner aiming
- preparation (necessary minimum) of gunners for shooting with ammunition.
- how to discovering and destroy targets in different enviroment and different weather conditions
- how to act in unusual situations

Additionaly, the HMMWV contains place for driver which allows to driving HMMWV in virtual reality areas.

 Presentation: link