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snieznik 3 simulator

SNIEZNIK 3 simulator is dedicated to improve technique of carrying out activities in the buildings and in the immediate vicinity of them (approach to the building, rooms search, indoor combat) as well as preparing soldiers for:

  • firing at actual targets, located in the small distances, in different directions and in confined spaces,
  • detecting, recognizing and destroying actual targets in urban areas, in different illumination, at different distances,
  • cooperation in the combat in the rifle squad formation using different types of weapon,
  • appropriate reaction in untypical situations and at a high dynamic action.

The device consists of:

  • computer system – computer driver with specialized software and peripherals such as: projectors with weapon aiming points tracking cameras, sound system, monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, set of training weapon,
  • position infrastructure – training rooms (cells) with additional equipment.

Individual cell is a mobile room which can display a single image of the training situation. It is made on the basis of light frame construction equipped with carts which make possible to relocate it and quickly combine into fragment of the building needed for the next variants of the training.

Each cell contains:

  • one projection module (projector, weapon aiming points tracking camera) capable of displaying an image in three different places,
  • camera which enables preview of the cell interior and trainees behavior,
  • speaker of the sound system,
  • screens made on the surface of three walls.

The training is performed by simulation of:

  • image of the training situations displayed by three high-definition projectors on three separate screens,
  • characteristic sounds of training situations (shots, explosions, screams, talking) emitted by sound system,
  • weapon functioning - shotgun sound, movement of the mechanism during reloading, realistic action of sort-of-fire switches, safety catches, mechanical and optical sights.

Simulated combat situations (training), were created on the basis of three-dimensional, computer buildings (terrain) model projected on the screen as a flat image. In the cells there are 3D, moving targets and objects disposed. Observed image is properly scaled what increases its level of realism and gives the impression of actual distance. In three-dimensional scenography, where the training is carried out, the computer system determines the ballistic curves of virtual missiles which move along the actual ballistic tracks.

The simulator contains actual combat weapon, which is specially adapted to its needs. The weapon is equipped with a set of sensors which monitor status of the mechanisms. Simulation of their movement is performed by the pneumatic system. The shooter when firing has to also consider sights settings, amount of ammunition, type of firing, and weapon and position of the safety catch.

The cells according to the needs are compiled in fragments of the building. In every cell, on one of the walls the training situation imaging is displayed. The simulator dispose of independent imaging of training situations, which can create a sequence of events in the next rooms.

The trainees pass another rooms, encounter subsequent events sand accomplish included in the program training elements such as room search, mutual security, detaining, reactions in untypical situations.